Claws-Mail-PGP (OS2008)

PGP Core, PGP Inline and PGP MIME plugins for Claws Mail 3.7.0
which provides you support for encrypting, decrypting, signing,
verifying in Claws-Mail client for Maemo OS2008 using GnuPG.

Claws-Mail-PGP plugin

1. You must have already installed gnupg and
claws-mail packages in your tablet (obvious right? ;-) )

2. You’ll need also the GPGMe library which I’ve
already compiled and packaged for you.
Download and install from here: libgpgme_1.1.8_armel.deb
License: GPL/LGPL

3. Download and install the claws-mail-pgp package.
It is combined package with all three plugins for
Claws-Mail – PGP/Core,PGP/Inline,PGP/MIME.
Get it and install it from here: claws-mail-pgp_3.7.0_armel.deb
License: GPL

Edit: The Claws-Mail-PGP plugins are now part of
the official maemo extras repository. Thanks to Colin Leroy

If you don’t have it already in your Maemo apt sources list:

#chinook (4.0) extras
deb chinook free
deb-src chinook free

#diablo (4.1) extras
deb diablo free
deb-src diablo free

4. Open Claws-Mail on your Nokia tablet.
Go to Configuration->Plugins.
Click on Load button and select ‘’.
Click Open.
Then do the same for ‘’ and ‘’.
Now you should see on the left three plugins loaded:


Congratulations. You have PGP support in your
favourite e-mail client. ;-)

Any comments and suggestions about
claws-mail-pgp are welcome…

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19 Responses
  1. Hello,

    maybe for you it’s obviousely, but how I can install gnupg on my Nokia N800 ? Could you give link where to download it ?


  2. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    Hi, it’s in the official diablo repository.
    You can download it from here:

  3. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    What means don’t works? Sure it works.
    Describe your problem with details please.

  4. pjf says:

    The libgpgme package isn’t installable on Diablo – that’s what the program manager says.

  5. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    Don’t use application manager. Be a man ;-)
    1. Download libgpgme_1.1.8_armel.deb to some folder.
    2. Open console/terminal, become root, go to that folder
    3. Install it using: dpkg -i libgpgme_1.1.8_armel.deb

    P.S: Anyway, I’ve changed the package. Now it should be installable via the application manager too.

  6. Alex Stern says:

    Dear Sir,

    first at all let me apologize for my down level on knowledge on programs use.

    I had installed the Claws-Mail on Nokia N800, without any problems, even I upload the plugins for PGP.

    Now I got 3 problems, first at all I would like to get the pdf user manual, in order to print it and study it, I notice I can get from the help section on Nokia N800, but if you can supply a link where I can download it directly from internet using my PC will be real great.

    Second point, I was try to configure my gmail account ( consider that I connect the N800 to internet via Bluetooth using my UMTS mobile as modem ) and I put as and as ( and even if the account over gmail allowed POP access ) when I try to connect it’s said “error certificated not valid” what I have to do ?

    Third and final point to encrypt messages, I have to use the PGP Mine or the PGP Inline ?

    Again I apoligize ro bring to you so many questions, but I real hope you could assist me.

    Best regards


  7. Colin says:


    Thanks for your work! I’m one of the Claws-Mail developer and I’d love to get your source packages (or */debian directories) for libgpgme and the plugins, in order to push them officially to Extras.

    You can contact me at Thanks :)

  8. Paul says:

    Alex Stern:

    Point 1:

    Point 2:

    Point 3: Either of those. PGP/MIME is preferred, PGP/Inline is deprecated.

    Have a look on for info on getting more help with Claws Mail.

    (And apologies to MiCRoPhoBIC for hi-jacking your post! :-) )

  9. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    @Paul: Thank you for helping Alex with the info and links ;-)
    @Colin: I have an account in maemo extras and I was thinking about uploading packages there, but yesterday I was busy with repairing my n810 – I had to open it. I was scared if my tablet is bricked…but good news… it works fine (the LCD flex cable was slipped out ;-) ).

    I think that it’s really better if you (as an Claws developer) maintain claws-mail-pgp in this repository – so I’ll contact you in the next days with the source/debian package for claws-mail-pgp. About libgpgme package I hope that I will upload it very soon to the maemo repository – so probably it should be there before claws-mail-pgp ;-)

  10. Colin says:

    MiCRoPhoBIC: yes, it’ll be great if you maintain the gpgme package, this way I’ll be able to focus on Claws packages. Good idea! and thanks again :)

  11. Colin says:

    MiCRoPhoBIC: I’ve found that gpgme is already in extras-devel for diablo, and I’m in the process of putting it in chinook too, then I should be able to build the PGP plugins packages easily. If everything works well, you’ll have nothing to do :)

  12. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    Colin: OK. I’ve sent you e-mail with the claws-mail-pgp debian source package.

  13. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    Thanks to Colin Leroy claws-mail-pgp-plugins are now in the official maemo extras repository. I’ll disable the links to my build here.
    Download it from repository with apt-get or application manager ;-)

  14. Daniel says:

    How do I import a PGP key from my pc to my tablet?

  15. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    Daniel, good question ;-)
    For now there is no handy GUI to import your key/s in your tablet. Probably soon this will change but you can use command line commands to import your secret or private keys in your tablet. You can find the right syntax in the GnuPG manual here:

    There is another option: if you want to have copy of ALL of your secret/public keys from your PC to your tablet then you can simply copy the .gnupg directory from your home directory on your PC to your home directory on the tablet.

  16. Tibi says:

    I have the same problem others have described in

    Q: Can you post yours sources, so someone else can continue our work and fix the maemo5 version?

    I will document the workaround as soon as I fix my installation.

  17. MiCRoPhoBIC says:

    Hi Tibi, unfortunately I don’t have the sources for this package anymore.
    It was “adopted” by Colin Leroy 2 years ago and since then it is in the official maemo repository.
    You should try to contact him (or the current package maintainer if Colin is not maintaining it anymore) for support.
    Also I think you can download the source package from maemo garage site.

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